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Telehealth Services

Due to the very real mental health issues flowing from loss of jobs and dramatic social changes that have resulted from the rise of COVID-19, LMD Psychology have decided to offer bulk-billed telehealth consultation services to anyone on a GP care plan as a result of COVID-19. These services aim to provide an alternative to face-to-face consultations for those clients who would prefer them. 

Talk to your GP or contact us on

0427 027 057 or


1. What is telehealth?

Telehealth generally refers to the use of technologies like email, phone, SMS or video connection to provide medical care or education over a distance. It allows for the exchange of health data between a practitioner and patient in separate locations. In Australia, telehealth is often defined more narrowly to mean online video consultations between health professionals and their patients. The convenience of telehealth makes it especially popular among busy mums, rural dwellers and young working professionals, but anyone – given the necessary approval- can use it!

2. What are the benefits of telehealth? 

Here are just a few of the many reasons why a video consult may be superior to a traditional face-to-face visit:


  • Time spent travelling to your health practitioner and the associated travel costs are completely eliminated. Time spent in a waiting room and time missed at work are also minimised.

  • Unparalleled convenience: see your healthcare practitioner during your lunch break, whilst you are travelling overseas, or after work from the comfort of your own home.

  • Telehealth is discreet and private, making it a common medium among those seeking mental health care. 

3. Are video consultations as effective as traditional face-to-face care?

Overwhelming academic evidence suggests they achieve health outcomes that are comparable to face-to-face care. In addition, telehealth has been proven to reduce costs, travel time and length of waiting time, as well as improve continuity of care.

4. Can I receive reimbursement for my telehealth video consultation?

There are many telehealth reimbursement opportunities available to patients through Medicare and most private health insurers, particularly since the recent bushfires and COVID-19 has led to increased demand for psychological services.

5. How do I access telehealth consultations?

Just talk to your GP or contact us on 0457 027 057 or We are happy to work with you using the technology you feel most comfortable with. Our aim is to help you help yourself in the most convenient way for you.

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